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Just to give a though imagine your world with having the light and sight of your computer. It will not less be the worst nightmare and you would be probably be thrown to the past ages where the human was uncivilized and hunter-gatherers. With the advancement of life by means of science and its technologies, we have everything sorted in just a click way – a big required search I made possible by just a click and that is your computer. A computer can be your best technical friend as the input as give as an order it just processes it in its own language and turns it the result and the output which you are waiting for. All your need and expectation can be filled up by this tiny invention of science.


A computer has a very simple objective part of which the most important one is the central processing unit and a memory to store the data. It is been imprinted in the pages of the history of discovery that the computer was discovered in the early 1940s and the computer of that time was huge considerable occupied the full space of a room which now has been reduced to your personal computer. It was earlier believed that computer was only meant for calculations and computations as the words itself gave that description and this belief was continued till the 19th century. however, the study is not completely wrong because at that time the computer had only the feature of programming and calculations. The early computer has limited functions because of the limited finance Charles Babbage the father of computer could not give it a complete touch to the analytical engine computer and therefore the legacy was carried by his son.


With the evolving period of time, the computers have been introduced to the air of artificial intelligence technology. This technology has been by far the most advanced kind of technology used in any computer that has been contributing to mankind in various ways. Like the evolving generation, the new computers with advanced features are evolving each one is getting lighter, smaller easily portable and speedy and more importantly a power pack to a man being comprised of all the advanced technologies and properties. nowadays computers are not restricted to calculations as they have a long list of contributors.
To conclude, their pc of today have many advanced features wrapped with artificial intelligence. these computers are been adorned with various properties such as machinery operations, weather forecasting, guidance for spacecraft and many more in the list. In term of the medical sector, any information associated with it is stored reluctantly. Ticket booking with the help of the net, control of traffic, automation in banks all these support by the clicks of the pc. The pc of today are highly been preferred because of the portability and its handy features that it provides and thereby being one of the craziest inventions of science to learn about.